Thursday, May 31, 2018

7PM to 8PM
Advances in Preschool Language Sample Analysis (LSA)  (.1 ASHA CEUS; 1.0 Maryland Contact Hours)
Nan Bernstein Ratner, Professor, Fellow, Honors, ASHA and MSHA

New, free, easily-used computer-assisted LSA utilities are funded by the NIDCD to assist clinical practice.  This seminar shows SLPS how to access, use and interpret results from these utilities, which have evolved from the decades-old TalkBank initiative.  These utilities make LSA faster, more accurate and more informative than current practices.  Learner Outcomes:  Participants will understand how to access, install and use TalkBank utilities such as Kideval to perform LSA in everyday practice; participants will be able to compare costs, accuracy and informativeness of traditional and computer-assisted LSA; participants will be able to name additional LSA analyses that computer-assisted LSA enables beyond hand-computed traditional measures.

 This program is offered for .1 CEUs (Intermediate level, professional area).  ASHA CE Provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedures.


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Speaker Bio:  Nan Bernstein Ratner, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, ABCLD, is a Professor, Hearing and SpeThe cost for these webinars is as follows:

MSHA Member   One-hour webinar   $25.00
MSHA Non-member   One-hour webinar  $35.00
MSHA Member   Two-hour webinar  $40.00
MSHA Non-member   Two-hour webinar  $50.00
MSHA Member - 6 Webinar Series    $150.00

MSHA Non-member - 6 Webinar Series  $200.00ech Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park.  A past MSHA President and Honors recipient, she is also an ASHA and AAAS Fellow and ASHA Honors Recipient.  She publishes frequently in the areas of fluency and language acquisition/disorders in children.  With Brian MacWhinney, she co-directs the new IDCD FluencyBank initiative within TalkBank (, dedicated to improving clinical access to evidence-based resources in fluency and childhood language disorders.  Dr. Ratner is a professor at the University of Maryland.  She receives consulting fees from HIDCD from the TalkBank Fluency Bank initiative, and she receives an honorarium for this presentation.  She has disclosed no additional relevant non-financial relationships.

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