MSHA has long supported a Legislative Action Day (LAD), which takes place each year when the Maryland General Assembly is in session.


Marie Noplock planned and successfully executed the first LAD effort in 1999, bringing MSHA into political arena. The annual legislative award is named in Marie's honor.


Legislative Action Day is a day-long workshop in Annapolis during which members may become more familiar with the legislative process and their role as potential advocates for professional issues and for the communities of individuals we serve.


MSHA works with a professional lobbying firm to identify legislative issues and make an action plan prior to each legislative session. If we have a piece of legislation to support, it will be the issue that drives the discussion on Legislative Action Day. If in a given year, we do not have a bill to initiate, then we will support the efforts of groups that are aligned with our own Mission Statement.

LAD includes an orientation gathering, tour of Maryland legislative buildings and observations of proceedings, and discussion with some representatives. In learning about the Maryland legislative process, participants are encouraged to follow the Seven Steps to Legislative Action.

Join Us in Annapolis!

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