Company: Jacob's Promise
Job Type: Full or Part Time
Job Description:

I am Erin Winston, BCBA LBA, CEO of Jacob’s Promise. We have been providing Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) therapy to families in the Washington Metro area for 8 years with the promise to create a harmonious environment so our families will flourish.

We are seeking a partnership that will allow us to expand the therapeutic services we provide to our families.

Before considering, learn more about Our Promise:

We are exploring the opportunity to partner in one or more ways:
• Join our practice
• Grow your practice
• Exchange services

Join our practice
We are expanding our therapeutic practice to offer speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and diagnostic evaluations. We would love to employ or contract with other health practitioners to provide this service for our current clientele.

Grow your practice
Jacob’s Promise has 3 premier office suites with nine therapeutic rooms in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring. Suites or individual offices are available to sublease to service your clientele. Everything is included in the pricing.

Exchange services
Add ABA therapy to your practice. We have compassionate and certified technicians ready to meet the needs of your families. Clinical supervisors are also available to assist with your training and supervision needs.

I look forward to exploring potential opportunities.

I can be reached at 301-392-7075 or