MSHA Public Policy facilitates the education and efforts of SLPs around issues of public activity and governance that impact our profession in areas of credentialing, treatment, reimbursement, equity in access to rehabilitation services, and prevention of disabilities.

The ASHA Code of Ethics includes statements addressing prevention of disabilities such as injury prevention, public health initiatives and environmental impact on health and learning. We can be agents of change.

Public Policy Initiatives

Becoming Agents of Change

While MSHA has a distinguished record of success in the General Assemblies, passage of legislation is part of a larger process. As agents of change we are also responsible for facilitating discussion with other professionals and supporting activities of related groups.

While it is always energizing to initiate, support and enact passage of bills representing our concerns, we will always continue to have our primary responsibilities, which are:

  • To educate our membership about being agents of change
  • To teach the skills to be agents of change
  • To inform our members about national, state and local legislative activity
  • To facilitate conversations around issues of concern: health, education & the environment
  • To inspire our members to be more engaged in public life.

Legislative Action Day

The Public Policy Committee plans the annual Legislative Action Event, an informative continuing education workshop that provides valuable insight into the Maryland Legislative process and empowers professionals to be agents of change.


MSHA welcomes members and students as committee volunteers. The more volunteers that are involved, the stronger we are in representing the profession throughout Maryland. For further information, please contact the MSHA office at 410-239-7770 or email us.

Dawn Trotter and Diana Bennett, Chairs - Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee monitors legislation throughout the year, working closely with MSHA's lobbyist to formulate an annual legislative action plan and responding to issues as they arise in the legislative session. Public Policy initiatives include the annual Legislative Action Day.