Kim Bell, MSHA President 


My name is Kimberly Bell and I am excited to be back serving MSHA as the President again. You might ask yourself, did she just say “again?” That is right, I did! I have served in the capacity of MSHA President two times before in the past twenty years. You might think that sounds a bit crazy, but I have loved every minute that I have served MSHA and the fantastic members! Why else would I be back for a third time? I tell you this in hopes of encouraging others to consider getting involved more with MSHA. Take the leap into joining a committee or perhaps later running for an executive board position.  We have an executive board that is eager to work with and mentor new members who would like to get involved at whatever capacity fits into your lifestyle.

MSHA had a successful Winter Workshop on January 11, 2019 and a terrific Spring Symposium on April 26th.  We also partnered with The Hearing and Speech Agency on a fluency workshop in April.  All of these opportunities were a great way to gain new knowledge and network with colleagues.  Please look for new information on our upcoming Clinical Connections Conference, which will be held on Friday, October 18th.  This conference, which is supported in part by a grant from The Maryland State Department of Education, will feature Nancy Inman speaking about "Touch Chat", and Dawn Trotter and Angela Mezzomo speaking on general implementation strategies using SGDs.  Save the date for this excellent workshop!

Consider volunteering for MSHA! We could not do our great work without many volunteers.  If you are asking yourself “How do I get involved?” Please contact Lisa at the MSHA office with your interest areas and we will be sure to find you something that fits into your schedule.


 Kim Bell
MSHA President



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