The Executive Board of the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association presents awards to worthy individuals each year at the Annual Convention.  Nominations are accepted from current MSHA members each year in January, and the Executive Board votes and presents the awards at the convention.

MSHA considers the following awards each year:

MSHA Fellow

This award is bestowed upon a MSHA member in recognition of outstanding professional achievement.  This person shall have a record of achievement in one or more of the following:  outstanding service to the Association, distinguished educational, professional, or administrative activity, or original contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

MSHA Honors

The Honors Award is given to an individual who is a resident of Maryland and who has shown a commitment to assisting either directly or indirectly in the habilitation and rehabilitation of the communicatively handicapped.  The recipient may be an individual regardless of field or vocation, who has exemplified activities which affect the field of communicative disorders and are worthy of notable recognition.

Outstanding Contribution to the Field

The award is bestowed on an individual in recognition of outstanding professional contribution to the fields of either speech or audiology.

Service Award

The Service Award recognizes an individual who has been of exemplary service to MSHA.

Legislative Award

This award recognizes an individual who has exhibited outstanding service in the legislative area in Maryland with regard to speech-language pathology or audiology.

Caregiver Award

The MSHA Caregiver Award recognizes an individual(s) who has demonstrated outstanding advocacy and care giving to a communicatively impaired individual in the state of Maryland.