Friday, October 20, 2017
Westminster Conference Center -Best Western
451 WMC Drive
21158 Westminster , MD
Contact: Lisa Oriolo, 410-239-7770

Join us in Westminster, Maryland for an adult topic continuing education workshop!  A total of 5.0 Maryland CEUs and .5 ASHA CEUs will be offered for this workshop.  Please read below for more details on both sessions.

This program is offered for .5 CEUs (Various levels, professional area).  ASHA CE Provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedures. 

On-line registration will be open until October 13th.  After that date, you can register at the door at an increased price.

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Morning Session -  Starts at 10 AM (2.0 Maryland CEUs; .2 ASHA CEUs)  "An Overview of Tracheotomy and the Role of Speaking Valves in Rehabilitating Patients in the Area of Speech, Voice, Olfaction and Swallowing".  The speaker for this session will be Dr. Alan Shikani, Chief ENT at MedStar Hospital, Union Memorial Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Sinai Hospital. He is the founder of the Airway Company and the developer of the Shikani Tracheostomy Speaking Valve. 

This session wll focus on an overview of tracheotomy and the role of speaking valves in rehabilitating patients in the area of speech, voice, olfaction and swallowing.  This workshop will also introduce the Shikani Speaking Valve and will describe it's effectiveness in improving voice and reducing air flow resistance through evidence-based practice. 

Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes:  (1) Overview of tracheostomy dependent patients and the role of the speech-language pathologist in rehabilitating them in the areas of Speech, Voice, Offaction and Swallowing; (2) Describe the novel ball-design speaking valve and compare it to standard flapper-design speaking valves on the market; (3) Overview of the Heat Moisture Exchangers (MDE's) and the role of the HME's in rehabilitating the tracheotomy dependent patients in the area of humidification, warming and filtering of inhaled air; (4) Describe the novel turbulent airflow-design HME and compare it to standard linear airflow deign of HME's currently on the market.  

 Afternoon Session - Starts at 1 PM (3.0 Maryland CEUs; .3 ASHA CEUs)  "Motor Disorders and Effectively Managing the Five Systems of Dysphagia".  The speakers for this session will be Carol G. Winchester, MS, SLP-CCC and Jeanna Winchester, Ph.D.  Carol is the President and Founder of Dysphagia Management Systems and Jeanna is the Director of Clinical Research for the company.  Carol Winchester has specialized in Dysphagia Management for the past 26 years.  She researched and developed the Bedside Endoscopic Swallowing Test (BEST), the predecessor of DHS, specifically for the Long-Term Care setting, Ms. Winchester has performed more than 10,000 dysphagia evaluations utilizing endoscopic swallowing tests. Jeanne Winchester is a Clinical Cognitive Neuroscientist, a Professor in Medical Sciences, a published Author and nationally recognized lecturer.  She is the Director of Clinical Research for DMS LLC.

Neurological decline causes swallowing function to degrade, looping back to cause further neurological decline.  From the perspective of 'the Five Systems of Dysphagia," a breakdown can have widespread consequences. Current evidence that explores the anatomy, physiology, cellular architecture and clinical manifestations of an array of motor disorders will be discussed.

Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes:  (1) The participant will learn to identify the major types of motor symptom impairments as they relate to the Neurological System of Dsyphagia; (2) The participant will be able to list factors contributing to a breakfown in the Five Systems of Dyphagia in Motor Disorders; (3) The participant will be able to demonstrate how the bi-directional relationship of the Five Systems of Dysphagia is vital in providing important information to the clinician.

Time-Ordered Agenda

9:30 to 10 AM
Registration and Coffee Service
10 AM to Noon 
AM Session - Tracheotomy and the Role of Speaking Valves
Lunch - Noon to 1 PM - On Your Own
1:00 PM to 4:15 PM (includes one 15-minute break)
PM Session - Motor Disorders and the Five Systems of Dysphagia

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