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To increase exposure for your business or services, you may list your professional services and contact information in the public Professsional Services Directory (Find a Provider). This directory may be viewed by any visitor to MSHA Web (800+ visitors per month, and growing). This option is available to MSHA Members only at a cost of $100/year.

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MSHA welcomes volunteers to help within the many areas of the Association. The more volunteers that are involved, the stronger we are in representating the profession throughout Maryland. There are many opportunities available, including committee positions, advocacy, issues in pediatrics, and continuing areas. Many lifelong friendships and professional connections have been made through MSHA volunteer activities.

To learn more about how members contribute to the success of MSHA, visit our Committees and Advocacy areas. For further information, please contact the MSHA office at 410-239-7770 or email


MSHA has a strong, active Legislative Committee and a paid lobbyist that looks out for our professions year-round. We hold a Legislative Action Day once each year, and visit Annapolis. You are encouraged to become involved in this vital area, and help support our professions. Keep up with the latest information or find legislative contacts through our Advocacy area.

ASHA's Government Relations and Public Policy department has developed networks with representatives from individual states. Each of these networks focus on a different priority issue.

State Education Advocacy Leaders (SEALS)
The SEALs' network is to enhance and perpetuate the advocacy, leadership, and clinical management skills of school-based ASHA members at the state and local levels to influence administrative and public policy decisions that affect the delivery of speech-language pathology and audiology services in school settings.

State Advocates for Reimbursement (STARs) (members only)
The State Advocates for Reimbursement (STARs) are ASHA-member audiologists and speech-language pathologists who advocate locally with legislators, state insurance commissioners, health plans, unions, and employers on matters related to Medicaid and private health plan reimbursement.

State Medicare Administrative Contractor (SMAC) Network (members only)
ASHA's State Medicare Administrative Contractor Network (SMAC) enhances and perpetuates the advocacy, leadership, and communication of ASHA members at the state level to influence administrative and public policy decisions that impact the Medicare coverage, reimbursement, and delivery of speech-language pathology services and audiology services.


There is no set rate in Maryland for therapy services. Each private provider has their own guidelines for insurance acceptance and payments. We encourage you to contact individual providers to find one that bests suits your needs and insurance plan.
Find a Professional now...

The Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) maintains a list of private Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists for use by callers looking for services. The MSHA office does not provide therapy, testing, or treatment. If you are interested in locating a provider, please browse the Find a Provider area of this website for further information.

MSHA does not specifically refer to one provider or another; as a public service, we provide a list of providers for visitors to choose from. The providers we list have certified with MSHA that they are licensed to practice in the state of Maryland. Please consult the Find a Provider area and contact different providers to find one that suits your needs.


MSHA's Annual Convention is held around the last week of April in the Timonium, MD area.  Please join our email list to receive information as it develops, consult the calendar or visit the Annual Convention section for details.

There are very few facilities in the state that are affordable for MSHA that can hold the amount of people and vendors that we require and that do not require us to book hundreds of overnight hotel rooms to use the facility. Also, the largest concentration of our membership is in the Baltimore vicinity, so while we would like to take a convention over the Bay Bridge to Ocean City, we need to consider and meet the needs of the largest amount of our membership.

MSHA survives solely on membership dues and convention registration fees after costs, and we would not survive unless we continued to host profitable continuing education events. These funds allow us to pay for MSHA office expenses, programs to benefit our professions, and a paid lobbyist.

Although it is possible to attend a partial session, MSHA cannot award credit to any person that leaves a session early or arrives more than 15 minutes late.

MSHA follows this rule in order to keep our certification valid as a CEU provider. If you would like to attend for a half day, there is no reduction in rate of your convention fee, but we will award credit for any sessions that you complete before leaving.

This depends on the number of sessions that you attend during the event.  Maryland and ASHA award CEUs in a different way. The Maryland licensure board awards CEUs on a clock hour basis, so if you attend a two-hour session, you are a awarded 2.0 CEUs.

ASHA will award one-tenth of the Maryland total, so for the two hour session you attended, you earn  0.2 CEUs.  All of our continuing education brochures list the total amount of CEUs that can be earned, and break the CEUs down by session so you can anticipate how many you will earn each day.

You may attend the MSHA convention for a half day; however, there is no reduction in your convention fee. MSHA will award credit for any sessions that you complete before leaving.

Note that MSHA cannot award continuing education credits (CEUs) to any person that leaves a session early or arrives more than 15 minutes late. This is a rule that we must follow in order to keep our certification valid as a CEU provider.

The Maryland Board of Examiners can answer questions about requirements for all professions in the state of Maryland. They can be reached at 410-764-4725. For links to useful Maryland websites, visit our licensure area.


Please visit the links in our licensure area for more information, or contact the Maryland Board of Examiners at 410-764-4725. They can answer any questions that you would have about your own unique situation and CEUs.

CEUs are awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association at the rate of 1/10th of Maryland licensure CEUs.

ASHA maintains a CEU registry that you can access as a benefit of ASHA membership that keeps track of all CEUs that you earn each year. This is a handy way to have a complete printout of all CEUs earned for information and audit purposes. Visit the AHSA website...

When you leave a MSHA convention or workshop, you should turn in your CEU worksheet; MSHA keeps this as a record of your attendance.

MSHA provides a Certificate of Completion, which you should file away in case you are audited. Approximately ten percent of Maryland licensure holders are audited each year, and if you are audited, you will need to provide proof of your attendance. If you are reporting CEUs for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), you will complete the ASHA scantron form when you leave the convention. MSHA submits these forms as a group to ASHA within 30 days of the end of the convention. ASHA then scans and records your hours.

The Maryland Board of Examiners is the licensure authority in the state of Maryland. MSHA does not process licensure paperwork or provide answers to licensure questions.

As a membership-based professional association, MSHA provides continuing education unit (CEU) opportunities for professionals to earn the CEUs required to maintain a valid license, but we do not certify or license individuals. Please visit our Licensure area for further information and links to the Maryland Board of Examiners.