Company: Benedictine
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description:

Come for a job, find a family. Where else but Benedictine? Be inspired to come to work every day knowing that you are making a difference in someone else' life. Our teams of professionals work together to improve the quality of life of adults and children with developmental disabilities by helping them achieve their greatest potential in all aspects of life; school, residential, and vocational.

The Speech Language Pathologist serves the communication development needs of students, within the total framework of the educational, vocational, social and daily living situations in which the student is expected to function. These services are most appropriately delivered through an interdisciplinary team process.

Here are the primary duties and responsibilities:

Evaluate, assess, describe and document the communicative behaviors and needs of each student. Interpret and communicate those needs and behaviors to the staff involved with the student' educational, vocational, social and daily living programming.
Evaluate various modes of communication with reference to the student' abilities, disabilities and the communicative environment in order to develop the most effective means of communication possible.
Develop the communicative abilities of the student to the fullest and most functional extent possible, through the provision of pull-out/push-in/consultative or programmatic therapy services.
Develop and implement intervention procedures and evaluate their effectiveness in producing systems of communication which meet the communicative demands of the environment, interface with other programming and are appropriate for the student' educational, vocational, social and daily living situations.
Incorporate within assessment and intervention programs, procedures that are functional and appropriate for the student's direct caregivers, family members, remedial, educational and vocational professionals and any other significant person involved with the student's life.
Provide direction and training to professionals and caregivers who interact with the student to provide optimum use of learned communication skills.
Act as the student's advocate in all aspects of the student's life to insure the carryover and maintenance of learned communication skills.

Preferred Skills:

Master's degree in Speech and Language Pathology required.
Must be licensed by the state of Maryland.
Must be familiar with federal and state laws regulating placement of students with intellectual disabilities.
Prior experience supporting students with developmental disabilities highly preferred.
Must be effective in working in a highly collaborative environment.