Company: The Maryland School for the Blind
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description:

SUMMARY: With supervision, supervises speech-language staff in delivery of service to students with speech, language, communication and feeding impairments; provides direct clinical services.
1. Coordinates and supervises speech/language services.
2. Maintains supplies and manages inventories for materials and equipment.
3. Conducts speech/language and feeding assessments.
4. Manages a clinical caseload scheduling students, providing treatment, maintaining records, and participates as a member of each student’s trans-disciplinary team.
5. Provides consultation to staff, parents, and community based professionals.
6. Monitors the implementation of program plans.
7. Designs, fabricates as necessary, updates and monitors the use of augmentative communication systems and materials.
8. Continues professional development and education.
1. Arranges for placement and supervision of graduate clinicians.
2. Participates in scheduled administrative meetings.
3. Provides inservice training.
4. Performs additional duties as assigned.
Equipment Used: Augmentive communication equipment, adaptive feeding equipment, stethoscope, personal computers, tape recorder, video equipment, telephone.
Performance Standard: Must consistently demonstrate clinical competence in all areas of performance consistent with recognized standards of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
Work Environment: Multiple indoor environments, on and off campus, with a variety of sound, lighting, and temperature conditions.
Work Schedule: 35 hours per week, Monday through Friday, with a daily one hour unpaid lunch. Additional time and flextime scheduling may be required for job completion. This position has an annual eleven-month schedule and is benefits eligible.

Preferred Skills:

1. Comprehensive knowledge of speech-language supervision and standards of practice.
2. Comprehensive knowledge of normal/abnormal language development, oral motor function/dysfunction, and treatment techniques which meet professional standards of practice.
3. Comprehensive knowledge of augmentative communication.
4. Comprehensive knowledge developmental disabilities and their impact on communication abilities.
5. Certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association (ASHA); certification eligibility by MSDE; licensure by Maryland State Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology, and a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience (including clinical supervision experience).
After the first year in this position, the employee is required to have:
1. General knowledge of: IEP System, types of adaptations and accommodations which can be used to meet student needs, MSB team process, behavior management, data collection, and visual impairment/blindness relative to communication development, assessment, and treatment, MSB policies and procedures.
2. General knowledge of IDEA regulations and service implications.
3. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and CPR/First Aid certification.