Overview of ASHA's Survey of U.S. Parents & Teens on Personal Technology Device Usage

2016 ASHA President Jaynee A. Handelsman, PhD, CCC-A; Dr. Lynn Williams, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA's vice president for academic affairs in speech-language pathology; and parenting blogger and author Amy Lupold Bair, discuss the results of a new public poll about technology use in U.S. households, the concerns of technology overuse to speech/language development and hearing, and how families can go on a “digital diet.”

Using Twitter and Blogs to Advance Your Research: Behind the Science with Susan Rvachew

An interview with Susan Rvachew, McGill University. In a look Behind the Science, Susan Rvachew talks about Twitter as a "researcher's paradise", blogging as a way to increase the clinical impact of her research, and social media as the future of scientific conversation.

ASHAWire Researcher Tools: Powering Up Our PDFs with ReadCube

ASHAWire has partnered with ReadCube to deliver enhanced PDFs for all ASHA Journals and Perspectives articles. Check out the new features -- including interactive author, reference, figure and other information, as well annotations, citation management, personalized recommendations, and more -- by clicking the PDF icon on any article. Enhanced PDFs are the latest in a range of tools and opportunities to help scientists share their findings and engage a broader audience.

Tips for the Differential Diagnosis of Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Gain greater confidence in diagnostic decision making and tips you can use immediately in your practice to help decide when data supports a diagnosis of a specific CAPD and when it does not. To earn ASHA CEUs for this video, go to on.asha.org/ASHAFree15.